• Gear Tooth Gauge 
    ●This involute gear tooth gauge provides quick and easy way to determine the diametral pitch and module pitch (metric) on a gear.
    ●S model and L model are for the use of small and large pitch respectively. The pressure angle of these gauges are 14 1/2° and 20°
    ●Measure the pitch of 30°(Metric) and 29°(Inch) trapezoidal screw thread (Acme threads).

    ●Made of stainless steel, the gauge set for 29° thread angle consists of 16 blades and the 30° angle 12 blades, with each sizing 90mm long. Gear tooth sizes range from 30-40mm.
  • Angle Gauge 
    ●Used by inspectors, toolmakers, and die-sinkers for checking angles. This gauge consists of 18 leaves with angles ranging from 1° to 45°. All numbers refer to a complimentary angle.
    ●Measure the size of a chamfer on a workpiece. It has a compact design to be easily portable for on-site jobs.
  • Radius Gauge
    Used for eccentricity and deflection Measurement of shafts, etc. Parallelism between table upper surface and center is assured. Center entry/exit is performed by one touch lever.
  • Welding Gauge 
    ●A high class straight edge which is so-called as a knife edge. As the edge surface is made as a thin blade.

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